Evil Crow Cable – USB Type B


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the Evil Crow Cable a unique BadUSB device based on the Attiny85 microcontroller and designed by Joel Serna & Ernesto Sánchez with PCB design by AprilBrother. Manufactured and distributed by AprilBrother, this innovative product has been developed with the support of a range of other collaborators, including Ignacio Díaz & Forensic Security, Innovart & Jorge Mata, Roland Santiago, Luca Bongiorni, Marcus Mengs, and Mike Groover. The Evil Crow Cable is a powerful and versatile tool that is sure to be a valuable addition to your electronic toolkit.



BadUSB cable based on Attiny85 microcontroller with data line enabled.


Evil Crow cable is a BadUSB device based on Attiny85 microcontroller with data line enabled. For more information you can read the following repository:



Evil Crow Cable is a basic device for professionals and cybersecurity enthusiasts. This device was developed to show security breaches in USB peripherals.

AprilBrother and the collaborators of this project are not responsible for the incorrect use of Evil Crow cable.

We recommend using this device for testing, learning and fun


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